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Stalking A Killer-Heigh Ho' The Merry O'-The "Murder In The Dell."

Length: 816 pages13 hours


The Murder In The Dell tells the true story of what happened to me in New York City's Central Park on Mother's Day Night,1999 when a handsome young male stranger stood in front of me in the gray dense fog shrouded Ramble section, and was then found a half hour later face down and dead in the mud and rain a twelve minute walk down the East Drive in the section known as, "The Dell."
This just simply by chance observed happening caused me to not only get further involved into my already being a citizen volunteer for the Central Park Precinct and New York City Police Force, but also caught me up into even other added interesting and highly dangerous situations concerning the underground happenings that are a harsh reality in the urban space known as, "The World's Most Famous Public Park."

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