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Welcome to Fabulous Casino Surveillance

Length: 314 pages6 hours


Former Director of Surveillance and 30 year casino professional takes you inside the covert world of Casino Surveillance. Go behind the cameras and get the inside info on the Eye in the Sky. Learn what REALLY happens in Vegas and experience true stories from this covert world.
Clandestine, covert and elite. We had the power and were untouchable; even our boss didn't suspect half of what we perpetrated on the rest of the casino. If absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely, what power we possessed corrupted us to the fullest depths of our potential.
In short, we were not the people you thought we were. We were The Eye in the Sky.

Contrary to the common perception of casino surveillance personnel and their capabilities, we were anything but highly-trained, competent, industrious, honest, hard-working professionals.
We ran scam after scam; recruited and corrupted dealers, pit bosses and slot floor people, and were corrupted into collusion with cheaters. Some engaged in sex in the executive break room, took trips out of town while pretending to be on the job, and routinely watched television and slept at work.
And had a great time doing it!

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