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The Canadian Highland

Length: 296 pages5 hours


Starting over is never easy, especially if you are a young girl from the Scottish Highlands. Poor Molly Fraser has seen too much in her short life. Kicked out of her home, Molly accepts the opportunity to lay down roots in the Canadian wilderness. Violence and struggle meet her at every turn!

Events make our heroine grow up much too fast. Ocean travel causes a tragic death, nine months at York Factory on Hudson’s Bay lead to open rebellion, and the evils of alcohol plague Molly as she continually comes to the defense of her family. Ultimately, Molly deals with terrible loss during the horrific Battle of Seven Oaks between the North West Company and The Hudson’s Bay.

The Canadian Highland takes the reader on an odyssey from the Highlands of Scotland, across the ocean to Hudson Bay, and finally to the promised settlement of Red River. Taking place from 1812-1816, The Canadian Highland is a story of courage and resilience in the face of adversity and struggle. Molly may be young, but events prove her to be more brave and powerful than any man.

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