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Forbidden Rain

Length: 218 pages3 hours


Forbidden love has never been so exciting!

Rain's world is one where obedience is paramount, and even if she were to try to rebel, then discipline would be dealt out harshly. It's a world of ration control and professors with numbers instead of names, of Fast Tracks and Provinces and a decided lack of humor. When Orion 267-J makes an unexpected appearance in Rain's otherwise monotonous geography class, she immediately renames him Smudge in a futile attempt to render him as boring and uninteresting as a faded smudge on the wall. Good luck with that!

Rain has her whole life mapped out and has every intention of following each rule ever written, but when Orion struts into her life, he throws the world's biggest monkey wrench into her plans. But the new boy has secrets, not only about Rain's family, but his own. Rain gets caught up in a tangled web of lies and deceptions that eventually bring her under the Administration’s prying eyes. When Orion suddenly disappears along with her autistic brother, Rain thinks that her world is shattered. But Rain must face the biggest decision of her life and there are only two paths to follow. Which one will she take?

Book 1 in the Blue Spectrum Chronicles will keep you tethered to your seat, waiting to turn each page to see what happens to a young couple who bravely dares to fall in love at a time when it is strictly forbidden.

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