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A Compilation

Length: 13 pages6 minutes


"A Compilation" is simply a compilation of three flash/micro fiction stories by Josh Thor.

The first flash fiction, "Stewing Hot Car," is modern realism. It deals with a married couple in Alabama, Jack and his wife Dianne, who just can't seem to communicate to their respective spouse how they're feeling.

The second story, a micro fiction, is named "The Rescue" and it is also modern realism. This piece takes the form of an excerpt from the autobiography of a protagonist who was held captive for a year. He explains in his autobiography his contempt for his rescuers and those that cannot understand his contempt.

The third piece, "Hero of the Wood," is fantasy, and is a reimagining of Lewis Carroll's "The Jabberwocky" into prose form. Our protagonist is the young man noted in Carroll's original to have slain the Jabberwocky with the vorpal sword. Reading the original very short poem would be beneficial to anyone wanting to read Josh Thor's story, "Hero of the Wood."

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