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Gender Swap 0069: A Secret Agent Transformation Tale

Length: 34 pages19 minutes


Secret agent and serial womanizer Sam Fielder has finally tracked down his arch-nemesis—and ex-girlfriend!—the devilishly lovely Goldilocks.

But Goldilocks has plans for Sam. She's going to capture him and make him pay for cheating on her all those years turning him into a woman!

Newly curvy Sam schemes to make her escape by seducing the guards. That's when she begins to realize she is enjoying the, ahem, perks of her new, voluptuous female body! Gals just wanna have fun, and this newly minted secret agent babe is no exception. Sam gladly takes two burly guards at once, and even finds herself considering playing a role in Goldilocks's secret scheme to take over the procreating copiously, then planting her genetically enhanced super-spy offspring in the homes of the rich and powerful all over the globe!

This raunchy, gender-bending quickie is loaded with wet, wild, high-octane group fun!

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