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Thomas and the Children of Millberry Manor

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Thomas lives by a lake with his parents and his best friend, a one eyed teddy bear called P.Nut. Their home is Fern Cottage, a pretty country house with a stepping stone path leading down to the lake where Thomas’s boat lays upturned on the bank. It’s a strange little boat, yellow in colour with an orange band around the middle and some strange looking Chinese symbols on the front.

Thomas was given the boat by a great-uncle who told him it was a “special” boat. Thomas didn’t know why it was a “special” boat, although he knew that strange things happened whenever he took it out onto the lake, and today was to be no exception.

Our story begins on the first day of May when Thomas decided to take his boat out on to the lake again. It was a nice sunny day just as Thomas had hoped, but who were the strange children that they met? Who were Rebecca, Lucy and Edward and their friendly bouncy dog called Scruff? And where was that beautiful old house called Millberry Manor?

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