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Melting A Frozen Heart

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Jack Forsythe hates Christmas. He hates the holiday and the cheer it brings. No one knows the true him, and he intends to keep it that way. Walking through New York City, he feels a cold coming on, and that is not good. Why? Because he is actually Jack Frost who controls the element of winter, and if he is sick his magic is on the fritz. He can’t even get home to the North Pole to recuperate and for his mother’s soup. There is only one person to call, the only other person who will take care of him, Lucy Pierre.

Lucy is Jack’s personal assistant and has been in love with her boss for what seems like forever. When they have to spend the holidays in close quarters, sparks fly between her and her boss with the ice blue stare. Will Lucy be able to melt Jack’s frozen heart, or will her love be left shattered in the snow?

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