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The Scientist Videographer

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The Scientist Videographer is a detailed how-to for scientists, science educators, and students who wish to make their own videos. This book describes how to plan, shoot, edit, and publish an effective and professional science video for a Website or science blog, to create supplemental online material or video abstracts for journal articles, to show “broader impacts” of research in proposals, to produce online lessons or tutorials, to prepare outreach materials, or to demonstrate a new method. The book also includes hyperlinks to video tutorials and slideshows, prepared by the author, which provide additional, step-by-step instructions in video-making. The author emphasizes techniques that do not require expensive camera equipment, complicated or expensive software, or extensive training. By following the instructions and exercises, the reader can quickly begin making videos to share their knowledge with the world.

The information in this book is not just for scientists, either. Students, educators, consultants, and entrepreneurs will find that the instructions are readily transferable to other fields and different objectives.

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