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You'll Never See Me Again: A Crime to Remember

464 pages6 hours


Six weeks after Eva Bingham marries into Atlanta's famous banking family, the Hamiltons, she vanishes after leaving work at Citizens Bank. She doesn't show up to work the next morning, yet her car mysteriously appears in its parking spot at noon with items of women's underwear neatly folded on the front seat and smears of Eva's blood on the steering wheel. Has Eva been kidnapped, maybe even murdered? 

Cowboy detective Noah McGraw and his partner Holly Roark of the Atlanta Police Department's Homicide division are assigned to the high-profile "Vanishing Bride" case. They find evidence that Eva is alive in North Carolina based on gas receipts signed by her early the next morning in Charlotte and later that afternoon in Raleigh. Did she fake her abduction?

When the young blonde who replaces Eva at the bank is found charred in the trunk of a burned-out car, the case takes a bizarre twist. Do the answers lie in Eva's past, or could her disappearance be linked to two dirty Atlanta cops?  

In pursuit of the answers, Noah and Holly are put to the test by a suspect who is not only cunning, but capable of great carnage. Will they put the pieces together before it's too late? 

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