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The Oregon



This box set contains two lesbian historical romance novels and seven short stories featuring a cross-dressing character, a single mom, and a fake relationship set in the Old West.

The award-winning Oregon series is an all-time favorite of many readers, even those who don’t normally read historical fiction. Get both novels and seven short stories in one box set and save 30%. At a total of more than 900 pages (350,000 words), this series will keep you reading for days!

In Backwards to Oregon, prostitute and single mother Nora accepts a stranger’s offer of marriage and a new life in Oregon, not knowing that her husband is a woman living as a man.

In Hidden Truths, mail-order bride Rika travels west to marry the Hamiltons’ foreman and instead falls in love with their daughter Amy.

The seven short stories give us glimpses into the lives of the Hamiltons before, after, and in between the two novels.

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