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Faeries Lost



Sara is a Private Investigator on a mission, to save children from the predators that stalk the online landscape. With a her own loss raging through her heart, she tackles the volunteer job at the Sheriff’s office with a passion that, while admirable, is a bit disturbing – so much so that her kind-hearted boss orders her to take a break. Begrudgingly, she sets off, stopping at her neglected office on the way. There among the papers and flashing message light, she finds an emerald-eyed man stealing her partner’s antique Celtic sword. A quick chase launches her into a world she never imagined and a fate she isn’t sure she is ready to accept.

On a confusing night long ago, Kirklas lost everything. His stepmother, Clare, for reasons unknown betrayed his family, the Realm and the Fae themselves. Son to the High Lord Declan and heir to his title, Kirklas was somehow banished to the twilight world of Dinorma, his essence sealed and his life scrubbed clean. Family and friends that once knew him, knew him no more – the Heir apparent of the land of Aisywel, Realm of the Faeries, had been erased.

Years of darkness later, the portal to the hellish realm opened again – this time bringing with it a name his heart, or at least his memory recognized. Soon the impossible chance to escape appeared and Kirklas jumped into the unknown, desperate to find his home again. Instead, he found the Human world and one very determined Sara.

As these two mismatched beings collide they fall into a web of deceit and confusion that has been brewing in Aisywel for longer than any could conceive. Kirklas burns for revenge, yet the world he finds is not the one he left behind, and his unwanted companion seems keen on halting his plans she has no business meddling in.

The third and final installment in Grace Brannigan’s epic ‘Faeries Lost’ Series, “Hear Me” brings the threads together in an explosive culmination that will change the very face of Aisywel forever.

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