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The Secondary Target

376 pages5 hours


Beth Scott, a high-profile New York divorce attorney, has a penchant for facing off against the abusive spouses of her clients. But after a brutal attack at the hands of a violent intruder, she must fight for her own life. Her arduous recovery, suffused with psychological scarring and interwoven with the hunt for her assailant, gives way to an impassioned love story.

As detectives search for suspects, Beth must confront not only her physical condition but also her emotional one. Conflicting feelings for an old flame and the handsome doctor who saved her life create a complicated, impassioned love triangle.

Meanwhile, detectives focus on obvious suspects, particularly the hostile husbands of the women Beth represents. Before long, however, new possibilities emerge and the case proves more complicated than the detectives ever imagined. A murder, threatening letters, secret codes, and chilling new clues seem to point to the involvement of a dangerous criminal organization. Part mystery, part romance, part medical thriller, The Secondary Target captivates readers as it juxtaposes Manhattan’s elite with some of the city’s darkest characters, creating a fast-paced and suspenseful page-turner that draws readers to its gripping conclusion.

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