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The Dragon and The Grail

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Merlin thought that Pellas should have been King and Pendragon rather than Arthur but the witches led by Morgan Le Fey kidnapped the young knight and kept Pellas from his Destiny. However, even though it seemed that Merlin's plans were thwarted by the evil witches machinations the Wizard had other tricks up his sleeve and he sent the one good witch who he could trust, Blesida the white, to find the missing knight. With Blesilda's help, Pellas escaped the clutches of Morgan and her brood and with her to guide him, he returned from the world of illusion where he had been held captive to the real world. The world to which Pellas was restored was now ruled over by King Arthur whose ascension to power heralded the dawning of the golden age that he ruled over for more than forty years.
Pellas and Blesilda fell in love and Merlin hoped that the two of them would live happily ever after, however after a generation of peace and the warm summer of their contentment things began to go awry and despite all his efforts the winter of their discontent came upon them again and evil raised it's belligerent head once more. Mordred the Kings bastard son led a rebellion against he father and brought Saxon mercenaries to fight for him against his father. Arthur was killed fighting against his son and Saxon armies crawled over the land that they now sought to conquer. The Wizard then turned to Pellas and his wife to help him save Britain from more enemies than he could shake a stick at while he himself conjured a deeper magic and wove a hundred spells into a mighty magic that might, if they were lucky, salvage victory from the gaping jaws of their imminent defeat.

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