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Dissolving Spiritual Confusion: The Essence of Ramesh Balsekar’s Teachings

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Dissolving Spiritual Confusion was written when the devotee in Shirishkumar Murthy witnessed remarkable changes in the visitors’ attitude after meeting Ramesh Balsekar. In some cases, old concepts were replaced by new ones. In some, there were tears of gratitude. In yet others, the frown of confusion gave way, in due course, to a broad smile. An Indian seeker who had exclaimed, “What nonsense!” the first time he heard Ramesh’s teaching, ended up becoming an ardent devotee.

It was a wonder to see how the intellectual understanding slowly percolated to the heart. The seeker, who had started off brimming with questions, became silent and receptive. The resonance between the Guru and the disciple, happening gracefully, would delight quite a few visitors. It was known that once this happens to the seeker, he stops expecting anything from anybody...including God.

No other miracle happened at Ramesh’s place.

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