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The Billionaire's Touch



Given to the Bad Boy is book 9 and the finale of the Billionaire's Touch Series!

There’s a tiny window of opportunity for Zoey and Alex, and it’s closing fast.

Zoey has gotten her story, and much more from a single unexpected interview with Alexander Blankenship. But all of it means nothing if she misses the only chance she has of bringing everything to light.

But so much of it all depends on chance; the chance that the police aren’t already waiting for them as soon as they land, the chance that none of the info on the murders have been wiped, and the chance that the target on Alex’s back has been temporarily removed…

All Zoey wants now is a return to a time when things were simpler, a time when she didn’t know AEGIS, didn’t know the horrid shadow world she’s stumbled into, and a time when Alex was just another sexy stranger in a mask at the Chez Vous.

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