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Detective Ralph Larson Accepts the Challange

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Detective Larson wakes up one night thinking he has heard some noise. Getting up and searching his apartment, he cannot find anything or anyone. Thinking he might as well go to the bathroom when I'm awake. Entering the bathroom, he on the mirror saw a written message. 'Detective Ralph Larson leave Brotch alone, or take the consequence. The Terminator." Someone has been inside my apartment. I live on the second floor, my door is always locked, and the safety chain is on. How the heck could this happen? Ralph search his home once again, and found some dust, and derbies on the hall floor. So he entered through the storage compartment. Then Ralph phoned his office and asked for all available info about the Terminator, and someone named Brotch. Coming to work the following day, he found all the info on his desk. The Terminator works mostly in Europe, and Brotch is an insane gangster in Mexico that wants to move in to Florida and Texas. Later Ralph remembers that he has a date with Angelic, his girlfriend, and makes an appointment with a good restaurant. Arriving at the restaurant, they are shown to their table, and when Angelic has to leave, another woman comes up to Ralph and gives him a business card. Looking coldly at Ralph she says, Accept what I wrote on your mirror, or take the consequences. When Angelic comes back, Ralph explains about this other woman, and this Mexican Brotch. He, Brotch, is already working in Florida, and with seven of his men he tries to rob two banks. One robbery goes well, but the one that Brotch is heading, are having trouble with both the police and the swat team. Brotch dies together with another two of his men. FBI succeeded to catching the second of Brotch groups. Now Ralph and Angelic gets a challenge from the terminator, work with me, and make money. It is up to you detective to choose.

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