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Dominant Vibe: Raw Course

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When that man walked into Cindy's kitchen, everything changed.

As the owner and head chef of Girl Power, an up-beat lunch & dinner restaurant, Cindy has a lot to proof. To her creditors, her misogynistic old boss, and mostly, to herself. She knows she can make her own business a resounding success.

Her dreams and plans were as clear as a crisp summer day, until he waltzed into her kitchen.

His presence filled the air with palpable lust, and it seeped deep into her very core. He had an aura of dominance she simply couldn't explain. It made her and her sous-chef Monica feel like buckling their knees, and worshipping at his feet.

His body irresistible and his words undeniable, Cindy and her beautiful employees found their true calling, within the heavy fog of passion he introduced into their lives.

Yes. Everything changed for Cindy that day, for the better. And it was all thanks to that man and his, shall we say, frisky experiment.

This story is approx. ~9000 words long, and is exclusively for legal adults over the age of eighteen.

*This erotica book is a work of fiction, and is for 18+ adults only. All characters in the book are 18+.*

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