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Butterfly Knife

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Welcome to the world of investigative street reporting. Washington, D.C., power capital of the world, is also home to bums, killers, cops who bend the rules, F.B.I. agents who dole out leaks to reporters like so many dimes to the poor, and layers of lies and misinformation. Dave Haggard thought it was the worst idea he had ever had for a story. He was living in a homeless shelter, sickened by the smells, and feeling sorry for himself when a scuffle in the stairwell and a scream brought him into a terrifying hunt for the serial killer of priests. A sick, sadistic murderer was using a butterfly knife as a Rosary in grisly killings that would bring Dave into the hunt not as a reporter but as bait. The head of Homicide has a plan to trap the killer and it involves Dave and his girlfriend. A hit man for a group of religious fanatics is on the loose and has an agenda of his own. The killer is lost in his lunatic visions and he knows who Dave is and where to find him. What are his plans for Elena? Who to trust? Who to fear? Dave Haggard is a reporter in hiding from his own story.

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