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Fish-Eyed Men, Fedoras, and Steel-toed Pumps

52 pages46 minutes


Nikki Nelson- Hicks' Jake Istenhegyi, the Accidental Detective, returns for a new adventure in the Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series- FISH-EYED MEN, FEDORAS, AND STEEL-TOED PUMPS!

After losing the girl, the key to immortality, and very nearly his life, Jake Istenhegyi is ready for a break. Unfortunately, when you’re the indentured servant to a New Orleans crime madame, the landlord of a gumshoe ghost, and the brother of a flighty immigrant with dreams of celluloid glory, there’s not much chance of finding any breaks. This is made painfully clear when a tough young lady with a killer right cross and a history with Jake’s best friend, Bear Gunn, comes calling, looking for help with a client. The client in question is in a classic rock/hard place situation between his family and the feds, and when your family is as... unusual as the client’s, that only makes things more complicated. Something smells fishy about this case... and it’s not just the odor of the sea coming off of the client.

FISH-EYED MEN, FEDORAS, AND STEEL-TOED PUMPS is the fourth standalone digital single short story in the JAKE ISTENHEGYI, THE ACCIDENTAL DETECTIVE ongoing series, part of Pro Se Productions' Pro Se Single Shot Signature line.

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