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Being A Grandmother

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Becoming a grandmother is a wonderful thing if you are ready for it and even if you are not ready to be bestowed with the title. As a grandmother I found out that the job is harder than I imaged. The little people are challenging, competitive and the adult children are more troublesome now than when you raised them yourself. This is a learning lesson that most mothers experience at some point in their life time, its heartwarming and informative for grandmother’s to be. In these pages share my journey of the ups and downs of being a grandmother, maybe if you are having these same issues you will feel better knowing that we all belong to a club and get the same pouts when we say no to something as well as use the same psychology when it’s time for bed. Here is where I tell all the good, the bad, and the ugly of the job that many of us are drafted into at some point during middle-age.

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