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Sasha Plays Outdoors

59 pages46 minutes


An adult book, not for sale to under-18s.

Sasha, out walking her dog, was surprised to find another car parked near hers, but then even more surprised to see a naked couple inside, doing what comes naturally! She was unable to resist joining in, and she was instantly hooked on the thrill of this new activity! Back home she set about convincing her husband that he should try it, but without letting him know about her infidelity or even that she was interested in going with other men. Luckily, the idea of seeing his wife with another man turned him on and he soon became obsessed with the idea, so it wasn't long before they were driving out to a quiet location and letting strangers into their love life.

Sasha secretly went out by herself and took on a group of men, and together they went with other couples; there were also many single men for Sasha to enjoy, and Terry found that he loved watching her in action.

This book contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity, and is not suitable for people who may be offended by such material.

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