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Kindle Writing Tips: Book Writing Tips and Tricks for Indie Authors. Write Free Book Series

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Tips and tricks for new independent authors helping you avoid common pitfalls and improve your profits. Learn about the following:
Keywords – How to use your seven keywords correctly and avoid common mistakes.
Titles – How to write a title that is easy to see on book covers while using powerful keywords in your subtitle for better list ranking.
Formatting – Simple tips on how to format your book to look good on all the different reading devices.
HTML – How to use HTML in your description to make it easy to read and look great.
Reviews – Professional and quick ways to get reviews that are Amazon (and other book site) approved and don't violate terms of service.
Content – How to use third party sites to add content to your Amazon listing for improved ranking.
Marketing – Learn how publishers and successful independent authors use marketing and promotion to send their book through the roof!

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