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The Casebook of Elisha Grey III

157 pages2 hours


Elisha Grey, scholar in numerous subjects & consulting detective in Atlantis during its Second Era, together with his flatmate Kiara Ptolmai -- daughter of Menos Ptolmai, Atlantean Ambassador to Chungkuo, investigate three crimes. In "The Missing Daughter" the capitol's constabulary recruits them to help find a young woman who has gone in search of her natural parents, one of whom may be arch criminal Samax Rex Pahadron. The story reveals not only the foster child system of Atlantis, but the increase of crimes against women as a result of what Grey calls "the commoditization of the human being." "The Jewel Theft on Riot Night" leads the two sleuths through the aftermath of civil unrest to investigate a crime that introduces them to a legendary yet never seen jewel thief, Coral Fox. In "The Return of the Weatherchanger", enigmatic artist Kamay Pellay has returned to Atlantis; when his room is burglarized he becomes central to understanding drug smuggling between Atlantis and Chungkuo. He also reveals the reason for his disappearance: travel to study shamanism in the distant region of Baikal.

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