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Red North!

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Jansen and Stone bobbed up and down in their small boat just offshore from The Headlands Nuclear Power Plant, making every effort to look like they were fishing instead of making plans to seize control of the plant. With help from an inside source, they steal a confidential security report, and then use it to infiltrate and take over the plant. Nick Connor, ex-Green Beret, now security specialist, must develop an impossible strategy to break in and take back the world's most secure nuclear plant.

Nick Connor spent years in the shadow world of Special Forces, until a final encounter left him bloodied and in line for the Medal of Honor. He left the military and put together a company called NeXus, where he puts his special skills to use to help evaluate security the commercial nuclear power industry. While at The Headlands, where nothing is as it seems, Nick and his team find themselves embroiled in the tangled world of corporate espionage, where they must out-think Waxman Industries and do the impossible in order to protect The Headland's Nuclear Power Plant, off the coast of northern California.

Red North! takes you inside a nuclear power plant and catapults you into the frightening world of nuclear terrorism. In a rich blend of intrigue and details of the workings of a nuclear power plant, Red North! will keep you up nights, wondering at the possibilities.

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