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The Powerful Thought Of "A Course In Miracles"

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Have you ever wanted to make better sense of the world you live in? Sought to understand, why it contains so much chaos, madness and confusion? So many loving acts of kindness, yet so much fear and brutality too? After many countless millennia, despite our many great evolutionary leaps forward in the worlds of Science, Technology and Medicine, man remains as miserable as ever. Sickness and suffering have not been eradicated, greed and thoughtlessness is ever-present, and the quality of our lives is being continuously eroded. We feel ourselves under endless assault, even crucified by an often merciless world, that seems beyond our direct control. Yet, it must be evident, that unless one reaches, to the real roots of the problem, they will not be cured of all their miseries. The roots of mankind’s ignorance and folly will remain in place.

In this writing, you will be taken on a tour, whose primary aim is to let light back into your mind. That eternal light of unconditional love, in which you were created. The miraculous teaching of “A Course In Miracles”, is explored from many lustrous angles, thus enabling you to finally penetrate through to the true metaphysical basis of the world. You will come to see, how the everyday world of your perceptions, is ruled over by two entirely different and diametrically opposed systems of thought. These are (1) The healing thought system of the Holy Spirit and (2) The stifling, contractive one of the ego.

You will learn, how of you can wisely execute the power of your decision to heal your life. Simply, by always choosing on behalf of Spirit, you will be released from all fear and guilt, and all thoughts of victimization and loss. Likewise, you will come to see, how quantum forgiveness is the perfect antidote, to escape the bleak world of the ego. Through applying the healing remedy of forgiveness, you will find your world-picture, becoming increasingly more expansive and light-filled. You are being gently liberated from the dream and restored to your true Reality, as unconditional happiness and love.

Various philosophical, psychological and new age concepts, are also embraced, that serve to illuminate the Course’s teachings. Potent Zen aphorisms, proven to trigger instantaneous Enlightenment are explained in depth. Thus you arrive at critical new insights, that help eliminate all those toxic and destructive thought patterns, that you have accumulated in you, over time. Enabling you to finally walk free, from the prison-house of your own misunderstandings.

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