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Fifty Shades of Gay

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Fifty Shades of Gay is the first in a new series that explores the many shades of the LGBT Community. There are certainly elements of BDSM--but there's so much more, and much of it includes some of the hottest members of the paranormal/supernatural community who like to walk on their own Wild Side--which means playing with humans..

Here are eleven tales that will let you examine various and all too human kinks and the limitless passion and endurance of Werewolves, an Incubus or two, and a Werestag. If you enjoy humor with your spice, then you should read Buck and Billy. If you want something more raw, join a number of gun-totting gay men with lurid appetites then check out Duck Dy-Nasty. Almost all of these stories have a series of their own. Included are:

* In His Dreams

* My Sissy Cuckold Life

* Big Bad Incubus

* Bound to Feed

* Wayward Wolf

* Duck Dy-Nasty

* Sissy Academy

*Virgin Gat Werewolf

* McKay’s Werewolf Ways

* Sins of Father Wolf

* Billy & Buck

All stories are meant for an adult adudience and all characters are 18 years or older.

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