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The Queen

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King Ashmur is on his deathbed, making tensions run high within his kingdom. Taking advantage of the ruler’s weakened state, Lord Cadman coerces Mirstone into declaring war on Grasmere. But they are not alone in their vile intensions towards the realm. A malevolent evil is lurking in the shadows, determined to devour everything in its wake.

While Baylin assumes the duties of his ailing father and readies the Kingdom for battle, Luana uncovers a dangerous elven secret that changes everything.

Luana and Baylin’s simple wish for happiness is once again threatened by deadly circumstances straining the delicate core of their love. Will dark betrayals from the past be enough to tear the two apart? Or will the smoke of war clear to reveal their love standing stronger than ever?

Fans of high concept fantasy and sizzling intrigue will love The Queen!

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