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Conceit: It’s all about Jake - The Lincoln Series Prequel

42 pages33 minutes


Jake Winston is the son of wealthy aristocrats. He’s hot, he’s sexy, and he’s arrogant as hell. He takes what he wants and discards what he doesn’t. He is in complete control of his destiny...or is he?

When his mother demands his presence at her after gala celebration at the mansion, Jake retaliates by parading the undesirable Mayor’s daughter, Darcy, in front of his mother’s high society quests. His intent is clear as he leads Darcy to his bed chamber.

Jake is summoned by his father who informs him he has seized his assets until such time as Jake can prove he is worthy of the Winston name. Will Jake’s parents be able to mold him into the son they lost, or will Jake finally be free of the parents who never wanted him for a son?

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