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Lies & Allies

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Prolifia is restless. With its military disbanded, mercenaries are the only thing standing between the Kingdom and its expanding neighbors. Civilians whisper words of rebellion, and cities are no longer considered safe. As the taxes rise to meet the Crown’s demand, the peoples’ faith in their rulers falters, leaving the King and Queen vulnerable to attack.

Moved to action by a masked figure with promises of love and power, an unlikely band of misfits is gathered. A former general, who desires not only to protect the people he cares for but the kingdom itself. A disgraced priestess, who rose from the streets and attempts to grasp power over her life at any opportunity. A mercenary, who desires the return of a much beloved friend. And a prisoner, a Blessed, who wishes only for freedom.

Their task? To kill the King and Queen, making way for the Prince to take the throne.

With the Queen’s spies at every turn and the looming shadow of the Cao Fen religion, they must learn to first to work together to fulfill their mission.

But, will they be remembered as heroes, or villains?

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