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Austrafica is fantality, – and that in short is extended reality and a place on the Fifth Continent where Africa and the Great South Land unite. Finally, there is a place where the land, the animals, and the people can live together in harmony.
Austrafica is about the plight of the animals in Africa brought into this preposterous position by mindless, greedy actions of sticks called humans. Many of us love animals. Maybe we love them even more than we love humans and we ALL need a safe place to live and be and Austrafica is that warm heart.

The 'Circle of Fire' is a group of enlightened people called together by a prophetic dream to make the translocation of animals from Africa to the Great South Land possible. A ginormous converted container ship christened the AA-Deliverance is the vehicle for that.
Astarafus is the Supreme Guide. He comes from a far galaxy and is highly evolved, millions of years old and has taken on a human form for this project. However, he requires no sleep, no food and mostly, imperceptibly levitates.

Everybody gathers for preparation in the coastal city of Cilôto in the friendly country of Zambwana in the south of the African continent, to be shipped to the port village of Bayameendla in Austrafica.
Unfortunately, they are neighbor to the nemesis and despotic, mineral rich Autocratic Republic of Umnzagba where animals are freely hunted for fun, abuse is a favorite pastime and interference in external affairs is passionately practiced.

Animals and humans freely communicate with each other. !Tu the African Bushman even gives lectures how this communication works. Barwon and Yaragara are Aborigine leaders that have prepared their people for this epic event.

There is ranting and musing and there are sermons, oh yes.

Sylvia and Jabulani are two ‘Barefooters,’ some of the many young helpers from around the world who assist the animals in Cilôto with the translocation and they fall in cidasi (love). Sylvia looks after the good of the Rhino and Hippo and Jabulani ensures all the Cats are happy.
The GreenPeas make an appearance on the ocean and mistake the AA-Deliverance for a vessel with evil intentions hijacking animals, and BluBozz the Blue Whale saves the day.
Nightmane the black maned Lion, Speedster the Cheetah, Leopold the Leopard and his cidasi Spotme, Tallneck the Giraffe and Bohlda the matriarch Elephant, Laboon the Baboon, Sumbakaloko the Giant Sable Antelope and Flash the Bushbaby are amongst the many that appear, entertain and communicate with us.

Austrafica has activated energies that are the precursor to Galaxion, the inter-galactic, multiversal re-habitation of sentient beings.

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