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In My Time

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About the Book
In My Time: It is Time that everyone Should Be Sober in Anywhere He Found Himself considering and praying for the Succes of the Ministry committed to him, Also is seeking the face of the Head of the vineyard for the success of the Ministry.Endeavoring to be more serious in your prayer to God, interceding for the Saints to realize the reality of the presence of God and His Manifestation in the midst of His People.It is a time one should maintain his involvement in the Christain, affection Creating chance for peace.and love to eminent in the midst of the neighborhood, that the work of the Gospel may be productive of which The Lord himself takes all Glory.
It is the time when we see God executing operations of His Marvelous wonders and have to claim to the Glory of God that it is in my time they are doing it.
Pray to God Almighty that your time will not be a regrettable period to them in the society; pray also that your time in the station where you work or minister would be a commendable period.

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