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Cosplay Clue

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Christopher Carter and Deanna—dressed in spandex as the King and Queen of Purple—must protect Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in more ways than one. Firstly they must protect them from the evil forces of the Lord and Lady of Darkness. But more importantly, they must protect them from unidentified paparazzi who have infiltrated their CosPlay.

The rules of the Costume Play game are simple—everyone must have fun. If players are captured by opposing forces, they will be stripped and pleasured. If prisoners climax, they must reveal important secrets.
In real life, Tuxedo Mask is the CEO of a major bank and photographs of him at a swingers' event will torpedo his career and likely result in the closing of the swingers club.

Can Carter and Deanna discover the identity of the infiltrator in time? Will there be a no-holds-barred-celebration at the end of the game?

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