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A Plagued World

102 pages52 minutes


An unknown disease begins to spread that causes physical mutations in the host. The disease ends up affecting half the city, and it makes it’s way to, Heather, who’s dating the main character, Zach. Over time the city is split in two. The healthy begin to hate the mutated, and vice versa. Eventually things start to get to violent, and Heather leaves with a group of the mutated to a secret house in the woods.
Her relationship with Zach begins to get more and more strenuous. Zach visits the secret house every so often, but it’s not even for him and or Heather. One night he goes to the house to tell Heather to come back, but he walks into a crime scene. One of the mutated there killed everyone, but Heather. She managed to escape, and Zach goes out to find her. He finds her on the beach, which was there favorite spot, and they lay there until the sun comes up.

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