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The Rivers' Lodge on the Hill

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Jonathan and Brenda Rivers, husband and wife, come to the conclusion that they can’t make a living working on their Vermont farm that has been in the Rivers family since just after the Revolutionary War. They decide to make their home and farm into a lodge, taking in paying guests. Working together they go about doing this and their guests arrive. Have they chosen well in their choice of guests? It wouldn’t seem so as cracks appear in their own relationship. Situations arise and it tears the two apart. Brenda is very unhappy and goes to work in town. Jonathan asks for a divorce. Brenda’s new man has two teenagers and they have to move into the lodge. There are many well-defined characters in the story and all play a part in making this a first rate romance with love, happiness and some little sadness. A story set in the hills on the outskirts of Brattleboro, Vermont.

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