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Sea Harpy

350 pages5 hours


On a fishing trip to Alaska, ex-federal agent Nick Craig saves former Vice-President Miles Rainey from brutal kidnappers. Success is short-lived. Rainey dies of a heart attack, uttering the final words, "Stop the Sea Harpy." Before Nick can even wonder what that means, he is detained by a team of Navy SEALs, who transport him to an audience with the President of the United States. Rainey, it seems, was about to reveal to the President a secret plot that could plunge the world into war. The plot may involve current members of the government and military, so Nick is recruited to investigate the mysterious Brookstreet Group, a billionaire activist think tank, where Rainey was a member. As Nick travels the globe, gathering clues, he is beset by teams of assassins, and distracted by beautiful women who may have deadly agendas of their own. Who or what is the Sea Harpy? The answer may be the key to preventing World War III.

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