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Living the Faith: Spiritual Instruction from St Anatoly (Zertsalov) of Optina

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This work includes three hundred and eighty-two letters of spiritual counsel from the Optina Elder Hieroschemamonk Anatoly (Zertsalov). Written in a tone that is both firm and tender, they are the words of a caring father for his spiritual children. These letters are grounded in the practical concerns raised by those who wrote to him. Most were originally addressed to sisters struggling in of convents in six dioceses, but the advice is clear, concise, profound in its simplicity, and profitable to all Christians. His every word is directed toward a single goal: the salvation of the souls of those to whom they are written. This digital edition includes four photos as well as the life of St. Anatoly, a glossary, an index of topics, and a table of letters. This is a place to look for edification and consolation amid external tribulations and obstacles.

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