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Real Virtualities

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The fury of the “dark tides”, a kind of powerful cosmic event, had destroyed all who had remained on the surface of planet Earth.
Arachnids, groups of techno-rebels, escaped the catastrophe underground. Over the centuries they developed powerful hypersenses and evolved into new beings.  This is the era of Virrealism!
The people of future Earth rediscover their past, play with their present and invent their future. The hypersenses allow total immersion into virtual reality so much that it becomes real virtuality.

While carrying out a project to create a new virtual game, Siei and Dari find themselves inside the game itself. But it is not real no virtual.  Maybe they could have accidentally entered into a hitherto unknown, secret game. The tension increases.
they must find three keys and conquer three levels. When finally the third level is conquered everything becomes clear and the game is over. But it is only the end of a new beginning since the games should never end.
A climactic conclusion.  The reality will never be the same again.

A techno-fantasy story for reflection and enjoyment.

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