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Unveiling Life in the Spirit From Acts of the Apostles

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This is part of a series of books in which particular verses are picked from books of the bible, and the issues of Life in the Spirit are explored, in the light of the mind of God for us.

In this book, we explore four topics, from different verses in the book of Acts of the Apostles. They are: The gift of the Holy Spirit; The Holy Spirit as witness; The Spirit; and ‘Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?’


The gift of the Holy Spirit

“So faith both determines and limits you in the interplay of desire and divine decision regarding the spiritual gifts. You cannot just sit there and say “what will be will be,” we need to put into action our desire by praying for the manifestation of the gifts. In the bible, our desires are expressed in prayer.”

The Holy Spirit as witness

“But they were not freed to begin to lie low. They are to still go on with the gospel. They were supposed to damn the consequences, go all out, all in, for the sake of the gospel because they have heavenly backup, they have the Holy Spirit as witness with them.”

The Spirit

“It is by the presence of the Holy Spirit that we have God in us. We do not just go to about with human wisdom, the Holy Spirit becomes in us the Spirit of wisdom (Isaiah 11:1-2), we do not go about with our power, the Holy Spirit, the supernatural one, doing stuffs through us.”

‘Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?’

“But these people are deceived, the call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). They occupy leadership positions and lead many astray. They are deceived and are deceiving others.  Note that the fact that they are deceived on this point does not mean they are not children of God. They just make themselves available for the devil to propagate untruth.”

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