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Retrospectives Workout

64 pages40 minutes


If you’re part of a company using Agile Software Development practices, teams are probably already holding retrospectives after the completion of each sprint.
Retrospectives, however, are not just for development teams.
Reflection can be a useful tool for continuous improvement for people at all levels of any type of organization.

In this book the following Retrospectives techniques are presented:
1. Non-Violent Communication Agile Retrospective
2. Hot Air Balloon Retrospective
3. The Real Baseline Agile Retrospective Format
4. Lean Coffee Continuous Retrospective Strategy
5. The 4L’s Retrospective technique
6. A3 Thinking Retrospective
7. The Problem Solving Tree Retrospective
8. The Anti-Problem Retrospective
9. Christmas Retrospective
10. Moving Motivators Retrospective

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