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The Language of Scripture Father Son Spirit Spoke but Whom said What

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When dealing with the Word of God it is paramount that we understand who is speaking at any moment within the Word of God. Sometimes it was the Son of God speaking, sometimes it was the Father speaking, and sometimes it was the Holy Spirit speaking. Each person of the Godhead had access to Yeshua's tongue. Therefore, when reading Scripture, we must be careful to discern whom it is that is speaking using Yeshua's tongue.
This can be determined only through careful study. There are three offices within the Scriptures. They are; King, Priest, and Prophet. The Father holds the office of King. The Son holds the office of Priest. The Holy Spirit holds the office of Prophet. Once we know this important fact, we are better able to see who is speaking at what time in Scripture, we can know whom is speaking based upon whether the Scripture has to do with Law,Priestly duties, or Prophecy. This establishes beyond a doubt whom it is that is speaking.
Patterns emerge when we know these facts. We begin to see clearly what is being said, and can know if we are to apply certain Scriptures to ourselves or simply view them as a conversation between the Trinity or Godhead. Armed with this information, we get a perfect understanding of Scripture instead of a distorted view of what is being said or what is going on. This and only this, produces proper growth in our Christian walk with God. Otherwise, we continually misquote and misuse Scripture giving the devil place to accuse us to God.
All things must be done legally in Heaven, and the devil knows exactly what Scripture means, even if he causes mankind to be blinded by misquoting it and leading others to misquote it. He is a master of deception and loves it when mankind misquotes or misuses God's Word. God sometimes has to admit that Satan has a point and gives him access into a believer's life due to their misuse of Scripture. God would prefer His children became educated in His Word. This is my desire as well.

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