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21 Drops

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“Finally an end times suspense series written from a Canadian perspective - 21 Drops is the start of an end times series, set on the prairies that promises to keep you wondering what will happen next.”
Chris Loewen Owner/Manager of Verses Christian Bookstore in Lloydminster, AB
Brighton Furlong is a fast-rising star in the world of architectural design, but he has a problem that keeps him up at night--every night. He has a re-occurring dream with no explainable meaning, along with many other dreams and visions. As the visions intensify and the demands of his job begin burning Brighton out, he is drawn to take on a design and supervision project far from the big city lights.
In the small town of Mardillon, Brighton meets Lexi, a woman capable of interpreting his nightly dream. Together the two of them delve into the depths of the dream world and discover an amazing pattern and direction that could lead them and the world to eternity.
From small town coffee shop encounters to a coordinated worldwide terrorist attack, Brighton Furlong and his small band of followers embark on the journey of a lifetime in their quest to find the answer to his visions and more.

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