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The Magic Library - Box Set 1

223 pages3 hours


A Collection of 5 Chapter Books For Children Aged 6-10

Myra and Kassy Cooper have discovered a magic library. An evil witch is taking characters out of the books and making them forget who they are.Myra and Kassy have to save the characters before their stories disappear forever.


A flying book leads Myra and Kassy to a beach where they find a message in a bottle. They soon discover a magic cave which takes them to a band of pirates. The pirates have been tricked by The Witch Of A Thousand Towers and are stranded on the island.

Can Myra and Kassy help the pirates escape from the island?


Kassy is overjoyed when a book about dragons flies off a shelf in the magic library. It means that she, and her sister, Myra, have to help a dragon who’s in trouble.

Kassy rushes off to help the dragon - and rushes straight into danger. Myra is soon on hand to help her sister but can they help the dragon?

Fairy Godmothers

Kassy is not happy when pink glitter drifts down from a flying book and lands on her pizza. With her sister, Myra, they follow the book as it flies out of the magic library and across the garden. The book lands at the side of a very pink fairy godmother called Gloria.

Gloria knows about The Witch Of A Thousand Towers but says she will never fall under the witch’s spell. Gloria is soon proved wrong and it’s up to Myra and Kassy to save the fairy godmother.


A very smelly book leads Myra and Kassy to a troll who guards a bridge. The troll doesn’t think he needs the girls’ help, until his appearance starts to change.

Panic soon sets in amongst the troll community as the evil witch’s magic works on them.

Myra and Kassy have to help the trolls before it’s too late – but at what cost?


In this book, Myra and Kassy are swept out to sea on a small rowing boat and they meet a mermaid. The mermaid knows nothing about the evil witch, but her parents do and realise that everyone is on danger.

Despite getting away from danger, the mermaids are soon under the witch’s spell and find themselves trapped in a tower.

It’s up to Myra and Kassy to save them. This is made more difficult when an angry sea serpent comes after them.

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