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One Last Promise: Tiffany & Malcolm, Book, #2: The Edgehill Series

Length: 125 pages1 hour


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***PLEASE NOTE: This story is the conclusion to "Surrender to Trust", Book 1 of Tiffany & Malcolm's story

One Last Promise: Tiffany & Malcolm, Book, #2

Tiffany is living a life vastly different from the one she had always imagined. Now the stay-at-home mother to an energetic three year old she would never have guessed she could find happiness living a cozy life with the man she loves as they raise their daughter. She doesn't want for anything--or so she thinks. But when the desire to return to her former life takes a hold of her, her life is suddenly full of conflict. She is determined to prove that she can have it all. But her ambitions soon threaten destroy the life she has built with the man she loves. She knows exactly what she wants from him and won't give up until she gets it.

Once self-proclaimed eternal bachelor now loving father of a sweet little girl and devoted man to the woman he loves, Malcolm is a totally changed person. He barely remembers his life the way it was before. He is ready to make things official and to spend an eternity with the woman he knows he is meant to be with. But when the threads begin unravelling, he is challenged with honouring his relationship, or falling back into his old ways.

32,200 words in length

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