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Pierced & Inked

Length: 274 pages3 hours


Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Ménage – MFM.
In book two of KO Ink: Zoey Marshall moved to a new city, found a job, all to help her brother. The one thing she hadn’t expected to find was the two men she ran out on months ago. Not only does she find herself having to deal with the men—their families bring a level of crazy into her life she is not sure she can handle. To say they are over the top—well, that is if the top supplied straight jackets.
Mike O’Malley and Reese Macaroy have been best friends forever. The men want what their brother and his friend found, the one woman to complete them. They'd thought they'd found her but when they woke, she was gone. A chance encounter brings the three together, now can they keep her?
Bodies continue to show up, leading right back to the unground fighting that was thought to have been shut down, when in actuality, it advanced in its need to stay secluded and off the radar.
Along with the youth in the community being at risk, the O’Malleys and their extended family have the travesties landing at their doorstep, so when the decision gets made to face the trouble head on, it comes as no surprise that everyone is on board.
**Due to the characters taking over in this book, the authors ask that you not hold them responsible for the crazy directions the characters decide to take along the way.**

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