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Unveiling Holiness From Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Job

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This is part of a series of books in which particular verses are picked from books of the bible, and the issues of Holiness are explored, in the light of the mind of God for us.
In this book, we explore six topics, from different verses in the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Job. They are: Foundation; Fear and sin; The fall of Vashti; Integrity; The mouth; and “I repent”.
“Jesus spoke of the imperative of having the life of righteousness in God when he spoke about false prophets, saying by their fruits we shall know them, without the fruits of righteousness then, you should not follow such a person. Timothy was instructed of the need to be an example to the believers in speech, faith and righteousness (1Timothy 4:12). That is the mark of leadership. To be used by God, the foundation of holiness should be laid. Thus Paul also told Timothy that it is the vessel that has purges itself of wrong behaviours that will be fit for the master’s use (2Timothy 2:19-22).”
Fear and sin
“So where does the fear of God come into the situation? Note that it is the fear of God not the fear of sinning. The fear of God is focused on God and how our lives should be about him, giving us meaning.”
The fall of Vashti
“Though Vashti did not have a second chance, with Jesus, there is the call to repent and do the first works, there is the opportunity to retrace your steps, turn a new leaf. But we need the word of revelation coming to us. We may not see ourselves, so we need to be open to correction, we need to seek to know how God sees us at every point in time. We need the God to give us his spiritual mirror, which is the word (James 1:22-25).
“But it is not all about correction, for two churches, Jesus gave words of affirmation. Listened out for that too.”
“Integrity is consistency
“Between what you say you believe and what you do, (word and action)
“Between what you were doing and what you will do when faced with difficult times, (past and future) and
“Between the purpose of God for you and what you are doing (mind of God and the life I live).
“It is the measure of your allegiance to God in the order of Jesus Christ.”
The mouth
“Taming the tongue starts with having a new life in Christ, and allowing that life to change how we use our tongue, making it to be to the glory of God and not a manifestation of the flesh, a reflection of his light and a rejection of darkness.”
I repent
“Importantly, we need to examine the word of God concerning the issues we are grappling with so that we can be strengthened to overcome, since the word of God is food (1Peter 2:2), which gives us spiritual strength.”

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