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Unveiling Holiness From Hosea

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This is part of a series of books in which particular verses are picked from books of the bible, and the issues of Holiness are explored, in the light of the mind of God for us.
In this book, we explore four topics, from different verses in the book of Hosea. They are: Married to God; Adam transgressed the covenant; Rain of righteousness; and Redeemed?
Married to God
“The church will be so full of the knowledge of God, and there will be no fold that casts a shadow of darkness/ignorance on her, everywhere is full of light.”
Adam transgressed the covenant
“Adam’s transgression of the covenant (the mutual commitment between God and man) was based on his runaway self-will and excuse. Allow yourself no excuse and be committed to obedience no matter what. You should be steadfast immovable always abounding in the will of God (1Corinthians 15:58).”
Rain of righteousness
“David wrote that he thirsts for God, for the living God as the deer longs for the water-brooks (Psalm 42:1-2). Jesus agrees with him saying those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled (Matthew 5:6). We thirst for what we lack, for what we believe our life depends on, which true righteousness, being right with God.”
“Do not just evangelize others, getting them influenced by the gospel, leading to transformation in their lives, what about your own life, how much has the redemption work transformed you? Paul says after he has preached to others, he does not want to be found wanting when it comes to the extent of redemptive work in his own life (1Corinthians 9:27). He does not want to be castaway, therefore he disciples himself, making sure that he is aligned with redemption.”

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