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Manzili's 7 Journeys
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Stealthily, the jaguar boy crept from Umoja the banana tree and scoured the darkness of the hull of the boat in search of Yucca. He listened and looked for any sign of the monkey. Sniffing for his pet’s familiar scent, the jaguar boy turned his nose in every direction. He searched the food storage area, the sleeping quarters, in crevices, but no monkey—no dinner! After eating the Olmec queen’s bananas (the only bananas left in the western hemisphere), Manzili is sent on a journey to find another banana tree. The return of a banana tree and Manzili’s fate are intertwined. If he does not return with the banana tree before the New Year, he will be permanently transformed into a jaguar. This adventurous tale of this Olmec boy and his pet spider monkey take you on an adventure around the world. In the process Manzili has many encounters with strange animals and earthly elements and learns the importance of morals, values and principles of life.
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ISBN: 9781450041379
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