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Bearded Dragons for Beginners

Length: 124 pages1 hour


The beaded dragon has a long history, from its starting points in the deserts of Australia to today, where they appreciate a developing prevalence among beginner and expert herpetologists because of their tender demeanor and productive reproducing.

These dynamic, fiery reptiles are well‐known for being anything but difficult to agreeable, being genuinely quiet and having an amicable nature that permits their guardians to handle them all the time without bringing on undue anxiety to the creature. They make great pets for youthful and old alike, yet like all creatures; they do require educated care and taking care of.

This book will manage you through the rudiments of administering to and keeping a mythical serpent in your home. In it you will realize what to search for when obtaining a beardie, how to set up a home for him, how to bolster him, how to breed and raise hatchlings, and what to keep an eye out for, ought your beardie becomes ill.
Everything is included in this 66 page manual

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