Owen Doran is a harmless dreamer, drifting through life on the currents of chance. When a seemingly accidental encounter alerts him to the existence of the Alexandria Scrolls, he sees only a priceless historical treasure, and perhaps his fifteen minutes of fame. The truth is more sinister. The Scrolls are one hundred rolls of parchment looted in ancient times from the storied Library at Alexandria . Through the centuries they have been guarded by a cutthroat monastic order that dealt swiftly and ruthlessly with anyone who coveted them. Times have changed. The Scrolls are worth a vast fortune on the black market. Their contents are rumored to contain writings that will undermine the foundational beliefs of major religions. Political intrigue and violence swirl in the lawless mountains where they are held. Owen is swept into the confrontation that will decide the fate of the Scrolls. There are no limits. Mass murder is business as usual. Death is valued above dishonor. When the last bullet is fired and the last canister of nerve gas let loose, there may be no winners.
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